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Resources to Achieve the Connection

Autism Fitness Handbook 1
This book provides you with over 25 exercises and techniques that you can use with your child or students from age 4 to adulthood. The Five Components of Physical Fitness for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders are defined and you can use the photos as visual supports.
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Autism Fitness Handbook 2
This book give you larger visual supports has over 30 exercises that can be implemented with your child and students. Exercises shown are more advanced for some children/adults, however, can be done with all children based on their abilities. The "Stories to Inspire" Chapter is a must read for all parents and educators.
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Exercise Connection DVD
The Exercise Connection DVD was developed to teach you the techniques and exercises to do with your children or students. It is meant for you to watch and learn from David and the individuals in the video and then use the techniques with your children and students. The DVD comes with a Visual Exercise Schedule and has over 30 different exercises.
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