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For custom or volume orders, please contact David directly, to save on shipping costs.

Autism Fitness Handbook 1 Autism Fitness Handbook 1
  • Learn about The Five Components with Physical Fitness for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders©
  • Has over 30 exercises fulfilling the needs of the Five Components
  • Learn what supports are needed to begin an exercise program in a group and individual session
Autism Fitness Handbook--Spanish version Autism Fitness Handbook (Spanish)
  • Aprende de los cinco componentes de actividad fisica para los ninos con "Autism Spectrum Disorders"
  • Realiza de mas de 30 ejercicios que satisfacen los requisitos de los cinco componentes
  • Tiene informacion de los programas de ejercicios para grupos o los individuales
Autism Fitness Handbook 2 Autism Fitness Handbook 2
  • Learn a structured white board technique for individual sessions
  • Has over 20 exercises that are more challenging for you children and students
  • Be motivated by stories of David's actual experiences with his clients in the "Stories to Inspire" Chapter
Exercise Connection DVD Exercise Connection DVD
  • David will teach you over 30 exercises and techniques with the help of two individuals on the spectrum
  • This DVD is not meant for video modeling
  • Comes with a Visual Exercise Schedule
Combo #1 Book Package
  • Includes AFH 1 & AFH 2
Combo #2 DVD Package
  • Includes EC DVD with Visual Exercise Schedule
  • AFH 1 & 2
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